Cambria Healthcare District Trustees Reject Co-Location Plan

The on again-off again plans to move the operations and ambulances of the Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD) to the Cambria Community Services District Fire Station on Burton Drive are off once again. Trustee Lemming reported that the August 31 meeting of the  ad-hoc co-location committee has started off well, but gradually turned sour. The ad-hoc committee is made up of CCSD Directors Clift and Sanders, CCHD Trustees Lemming and Headding and the head administrators of both districts, Tammy Rudock and Don Melendy. Fire Chief Miller also attended the committee meeting.

The CCHD trustees also heard from Administrator Melendy on the plans during a later part of the meeting. According to Melendy, there were a number of problems with the proposed plan, among them:

  • insufficient private space at the fire station for CCHD crews needing “safety naps” so they can be sharp and awake when it counts
  • disagreement over issues of sharing employees and chain of command
  • an overall sense that the CCSD was unwilling to meet the Healthcare District halfway or be flexible
  • the CCSD wanted the move to happen by this October 1

In the end, what seemed to influence the Trustees’ decision to reject the plan was that it would not even address the main reason they re-started talks about the co-location: better (or at least equal) service to the community and conditions for staff and money saved from sharing overhead costs and staff resources.  Administrator Melendy pointed out that the move as the current plan suggested would be a net loss for the CCHD, since they would be incurring costs for the move itself.

The Trustees aren’t ruling out co-location and Trustee Bates went as far as to say it was “inevitable” that  would happen someday. But all four Trustees agreed (Kristi Jenkins was absent), not with this plan.

The CCHD also discussed progress on getting an ALS (Advanced Life Support) unit put back onto the Fire Engine. More on that discussion in Wednesday night’s post.

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