July 24 CCSD Meeting – Part 2

In writing about the first part of the CCSD meeting from last Thursday, I stopped before the really interesting part: Public Comment. Most of the Cambrians who asked to speak addressed the concerns about the lack of a final count on the Prop 218 protest. But I thought I might let those folks speak for themselves. Watch Rich Davega, Edgar Kanarik, Jerry McKinnon and others have their say.

First, a central question almost doesn’t get answered – until Director Sanders suggests staff should answer it.

Watch more of the comments from Cambria residents at Google video.

Watch Rich Davega’s Public Comment

Watch Edgar Kanarik’s Public Comment

Watch Jerry McKinnon, Mary Webb, John MacKinnon and Lynne Harkins’ Public Comment and Director Sanders’ question about discussing Edgar’s comments during closed session.

You can listen to the entire meeting at SLO-Span.org.

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