CFRC Rates Proposal Received by CCSD

The Cambrians for Fiscally Responsible CCSD have presented their expectations about a rate increase to Tammy Rudock and the CCSD Board of Directors. This action follows a unanimous vote to support a proposal by Michael Stoddard that was based on elements in previous proposals, information provided by the Master Plan committee, and discussions at Rates committee and the whole group over the last few months. Below are links to the proposal offered as well as the minutes of the April 16, 2008 meeting.

My hat is off to these folks. The time and energy that has brought us to this point has been unbelievable. The CFRC is scheduled to meet again on May 7, at the Rabobank from 6-8 PM.

April 16, 2008 CFRC Meeting Minutes

23 people attended (5 new people)

Jerry McKinnon opened meeting.

First item for discussion:

Alternate Rates Proposal presented by Michael Stoddard, in addition to other 3 proposals presented at the April 2, 2008 Rabobank meeting

Motion: Jeff Hellman To go forward with a vote to approve a proposal.

Passed unanimously

Motion: Jeff Hellman Accept proposal 4 to be presented to CCSD

Passed Unanimously

Motion: John MacKinnon Present the proposal to Tammy and the directors immediately.

Passed Unanimously

Discussion of how to spread the word about the proposal and action decided upon.

(The four page rates proposal is now available in the library.)

Second Discussion Item

Preliminary discussion of two oversight committee proposals – one by Gary Talley and one by Cynthia Hawley. Written proposals briefly discussed.

Not enough interest in forming a committee, so the issues is continued and further discussions will clarify.


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